Product design

We offer full product design services, taking you from idea to manufacturing.

Phase One


In this phase we do research and design concepts.

A product is only as good as the research that went into it and that is why this first phase is all about research. A majority of products fail to become a commercial succes due to a lack of market research and that makes sense; how can you create value for your customers if you do not determine what they need?

At the end of this phase we deliver a document containing all the requirements, constraints and insights we have gathered as well as a concept of your choice with detailed description and concept art.

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Schematic of the workflow of phase one

Phase Two

A picture of a 3D printer

In this phase we build you one or more prototypes.

Prototyping is very valuable when designing a product:

  • It allows us to study how users interact with the product so we can make necessary changes to the design before manufacturing
  • As a startup, a prototype can typically be used to gain access to more funding options
  • Prototypes can be displayed and demonstrated to create awareness and interest for your product

At the end of this phase we deliver one or more prototypes as well as a detailed report in which all schematics, bill of materials and design files are included.

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Phase Three


In this phase we prepare for manufacturing.

Even though prototypes can look similar to the final product, they are typically not suitable for mass production. While techniques such as 3D printing work fine for concepts and prototypes, in a lot of cases other techniques such as injection molding are superior for mass production. The same holds true for other components. As such the design needs to be adjusted for manufacturing, which is aptly called Design for Manufacturing (DFM). In this phase we determine what manufacturing methods make the most sense and contact relevant manufacturers to closely collaborate on preparing the designs to best suit their production capabilities and your requirements.

At the end of this phase you will have your first batch of products, be able to order more products when needed and receive all the design files.

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Designboer co-founder working on his laptop

Expanded Project


Need help getting your product out there?

We offer a range of solutions to help you out.

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